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House Restoration

This beautiful project has many features including a heavy duty gate also incorporates the evestrough and facilitates the watering of a planter. The grading of the sidewalk replaces the need for steps. Drystack  slate flower beds are watered by the grading and wicking bed design. The chinmney has an engineered grade beam. The breathable porch now adds warmth to the building.

The foundation walls have been recoated and waterproofed. This project started based on the need for a sewerline replacement, and evolved into discovering and resolving various existing issues.

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Some projects require a bid, others a counsultation. Or you may wish for a well designed plan. Is a detailed jobsite chart, an engineered diagram or a designed layout practical ?  Not always but for most projects a jobsite view is  neccesary. No matter how small the project that is on your mind it needs to be handled with a sufficiant amount of knowledge and experience. Errors made in small building repairs have ended up as unessesary expensive issues for the customer. On the other hand for larger projects having all the details layed out in front may proove no added cost to a well respected project.  Since 1987 A1 has been prooving its value to Calgary.

Home owners really appreciate working with A1 Contractors since 1987 because we have been deliverving high quality construction to Calgary and surrounding areas. We carry WCB, Insurance, are bonded and have a prepaid contractors license. Are crudentials and integrity is very important to us. Designers and engineers are also very satisfied with the product and enginnering science we have to offer. We look forward to hearing you!


Foundation  Walls