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Residential Experts

We Seek to Responsibly Give You Thoughtful and Reliable Home Construction Projects!

Home Improvements

European Handyman Services

Fantasy childrens rooms, mould remediation and restoration, Sub or Prime contractor,Revenue properties, garage suites,  flooring, basements, kitchens, baths,

Ki-AK Artisian desiging skills,transformable furniture, permaculture designing for the minimalist, fantasy designs

Excavation Foundations Demolition

We Specialize in the Hard to Get At Jobsites.

Repairs, job site preparation, grading back filling, trenching, post holes,demolition, concrete removal


Repairs, Designing, Landscape construction, retaining walls, plant boxes, childrens play equipment, sheds and storage,tree planting, fences gates, privacy fences, custom gates, concrete and masonary

Do you wish for a Traditional or  European Artisan Style Company that will respect you and your family?

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A1 Contractors Est 1987